What You Should Include on a Frozen Vegetables Label (Freezer)


For all that it may be relatively simple, a good frozen vegetables label is a thing of beauty. Of course, it starts as a basic freezer label, most likely a simple sheet label made with all the right materials: an adhesive that can stay stuck no matter how cold it gets, a sturdy paper or vinyl facestock, and cold- and moisture-resistant inks. Freezer grade adhesive label shave to meet stringent requirements in terms of the materials they consist of, you see. The adhesives in particular have to stand up to extreme cold, as well as moisture and frost. Similarly, the facestock has to survive the weather unscathed.

The informative elements of a commercial freezer sticker start with your logo and other proprietary art, your slogan if you have one, and a clear statement of the package’s contents.The freezer adhesive labels must also include that ubiquitous Nutrition Facts table. That’s right: not only is it on your Snickers bar, it’s on all the sticker freezer labelsfor your veggies, too. Well, at least you know the number of milligrams of thiamin in your favorite artichoke dip. You’ll see the same table on your refrigerator labels too.

Needless to say, when you buy freezer labels for your commercially frozen veggies, you’ll also need to include any federal- or state-mandated text; for example, some agencies want people to know if the veggies were grown in in Mexico, where health concerns sometimes arise. Your company’s name and address should be easy to find on the label, too. In addition, these freezer food label shave to include all ingredients, including water and preservatives, if any. Finally, a net weight of the frozen vegetables, minus the package, must be clearly marked on your sticker freezer labels.

All this is child’s play for Etiquette Systems, because we specialize in custom printed freezer food labels. If you’re a smaller producer or just some guy who likes to freeze veggies from his garden, we’ve also got you covered with printable freezer meal labels you can easily print on a laser or inkjet printer with a frozen label template, or some easy-as-pie write on freezer labels where all you need is a pen. Shoot us a request with your needs, and we’ll shoot you back a quote.

Freezing Fruit

frozen-fruitIf you’re think about saving money by freezing fruit while it’s in season, or have decided to sell your own fruit for profit, there are a few items you need beforehand. There are also a few tips you need to know. First of all, you’ll need some top-quality freezer food labels, of course! No one makes freezer labels better than we do, because other companies lack our experience and quality equipment and materials. We make them in house, so we know how to make them right. Freezer labels have to remain stuck to their packages no matter how cold or frosty it gets in the freezer, because frozen food can go to waste if you don’t know what it is or how old it is.

Also necessary in addition to freezer stickers are sturdy packaging or containers that are freezer safe, and for most fruits, heavy syrup or lots of sugar. Frozen fruits store best when independently frozen or frozen in slices or small chunks, then either packed in the aforementioned sweeteners, which act as preservatives. Luckily, these can be washed off later if you want to cut back on carbs.

A number of items must be included on do-it-yourself printer or write on freezer labels, including the date of freezing, best-by date, contents (including preservatives), weight, and if they’re packed for sale, nutritional information and any text required by state or federal guidelines. Of course, you’ll also need your logo if you have one.

As a general rule, citrus fruits like oranges, pomelos, tangerines, grapefruits, etc. will freeze just fine, and maintain their nutrients, for 3-6 months. Most other fruits will stay good for up to a year. That’s why the best-by date is so important. And because it’s so easy, it shouldn’t be hard for you to figure out how to label freezer containers.

What are you waiting for? Start freezing!

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