Sausage Labels Are Important

Did you know that venison and alligator sausages contain pork fat? You would if you read their sausage labels, because you’d see it in the ingredients list—and you wouldn’t see a Kosher symbol on the label, for good reason. Most people don’t know that venison and alligator meat are so lean they require pork fat to be added so it will store and cook up properly as sausage. Why pork fat? Because it’s so plentiful and works so well. Hence the marked sausage freezer labels and refrigerator labels. You don’t want to eat something that’s forbidden by your dietary laws. That’s just one reason for the importance of sausage labels that most people don’t catch. Sure, like most other frozen food labels, these self adhesive freezer labels serve the purpose of identifying the product easily, and provide nutritional information for those interested in it. But because sausage isn’t necessarily what you expect it to be (which is why they say you should never see the sausage-making process), its freezer stickers are crucial in revealing what’s inside for those who need to know. The Kosher/Halal rules can also apply to less obvious sausages like frankfurters (hotdogs), which are often made of a mix of meats.

(Whatever’s left over in the packing plant, usually.)There are brands that are deliberately made without pig, however, so you can at least look for those logos if pork is an issue.Another thing you have to look out for on sausage labels, even more so than on other frozen food labels, is the salt content. By salt, we’re talking about both plain table salt and other nitrates, which are used to cure and preserve sausages. Back in the old days, when salt was used primarily in preserved foods, people rarely overindulged in sodium; but now most folks get well over three times what they need because we use it as a common spice. Sadly. it’s a contributing factor to high blood pressure, so you need to keep an eye on your sausage freezer labels and refrigerator labels to ensure you don’t get too much if you’re hypertensive. Summer sausages that don’t need to go in the freezer are especially bad, unless they’re mostly smoked, which simply removes most of the moisture. So while they may not need freezer labels, you’ll need to keep an eye on those sausage labels as well.

Luckily, this is less of an issue with homemade sausages, because you know what goes in them. For these, you just need blank freezer sheet labels to run through your laser and inkjet printers with the right frozen label templates. If you’re just doing a few packages, or putting away leftovers, write on freezer labels will be fine. BTW, we offer an infographic and associated blog on how to label frozen food if you need a quick review. Just check our blog list here, and you should find it with no problem.

The World’s Finest Pizza Labels

pizza-labelsIf we seem a little cocky when we claim to make some of the worlds finest pizza labels, why shouldn’t we? We’re confident in our ability to produce world-class self adhesive freezer labels of all types, so why not frozen and refrigerated pizza labels too? People don’t just go for the cardboard pizza in the cardboard boxes anymore; they also like the pre-made pizzas in the grocer’s cooler that need classy refrigerator labels that can handle the cold and moisture as well as any of our other frozen food labels. If you make those tasty Italian creations, you should buy freezer labels from us. We’re fast, we print them ourselves, and our prices are more than competitive.

Most manufacturers and home cooks don’t realize our capability and the sheer variety of freezer labels we offer. We can preprint everything from complete custom printed freezer labels to frozen printable food labels with minimal printing designed for you to do it yourself with frozen label templates available from a number of online sources. And of course, there are the write on freezer labels you can stick to your home-cooked creations for later delectation, as well as any leftovers you might accidentally have—like, for instance, when your perpetually hungry teenagers are out of town visiting their grandparents and eating all their food. We’ve mentioned it before, but if you missed it, our pizza labels (and all the other freezer adhesive labels we make) are rated to -60° F. That’s 60 below zero. The adhesive won’t deaden in the cold, so that the labels won’t fall off. The vinyl or paper of the freezer label itself won’t freeze, crack, and fall apart. At, you always buy freezer labels directly from us; we don’t use third-party printers.

The price is great, we respond quickly to quotes, we print our own freezer sheet labels so we can get your pizza labels to you as soon as possible—what’s not to like? So when you find yourself asking “Where can I buy freezer labels?”, remind yourself that the answer’s easy. You won’t get better labels than at

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