Ice Cream Labels as Wonderful as Your Products

Wonderful is as wonderful does, and while ice cream labels must be wonderful in order to do their job, they’re not wonderful in quite the same ways as ice cream. They shouldn’t be vulnerable to a spoon, for example. They can’t exactly melt in someone’s mouth (glue and paper don’t have a tendency to do that anyway). They probably won’t be sweet, although we could add flavorings to the adhesives and make you lick them. But then they wouldn’t be peel-and-stick, and that would defeat the purpose of freezer sheet labels. They won’t even help cool someone off, so matter how cool they look.
So let’s take tongue out of cheek. What makes an ice cream label wonderful? Ruggedness. Durability. The ability to stay stuck on your product packages at temperatures way below freezing. The ability to hang on despite repeated coverings and removal of frost as people check the label and keep opening the freezer. All these are markers of any decent freezer labels, but they may be even more important for ice cream labels. After all, this is a high-demand product here, much more so than frozen broccoli or brussels sprouts. Those kinds of frozen food labels are important too, of course, otherwise Moms all over the country wouldn’t know what to buy to torture their children with. Ice cream labels, however, will also charm the money out of the pockets of those kids, who need something sweet to get the flavor of cruciferous vegetables out of their mouths.Helpful hint: despite the recent popularity of experimental ice cream flavors, we do not recommend marketing brussels sprout or broccoli ice cream wholesale. While recipes for broccoli ice cream do exist (despite the kid’s song that declares it Yucky), and so do recipes for brussels sprouts ice cream, that’s only because with the Internet and 7 billion people in the world, everything does.We’d have to think long and hard before we filled an order for broccoli ice cream labels, but we have to admit we’d probably do it anyway. That’s because everybody knows is the place to go when you ask yourself, Where can I buy freezer labels?” And where would you go for the world’s best printed freezer labels and write on freezer labels if we turned you away?

Never let anyone say we we’re not willing to take one for the team.

Only the Best Frozen Yogurt and Smoothie Labels

Making frozen yogurt and smoothie labels may seem like a niche market to you, and in fact it is. But it’s not as super-specialized as you may think, so there are plenty of sales opportunities for these specialized freezer labels.The truth is, frozen yogurt and smoothie labelsoffer some special challenges that make them more difficult to produce than some other frozen food labels. You can’t just use any old sheet label from the office supply store, and even some actual freezer food labels won’t do.The bestrefrigerator labels and freezer stickers are made with materials that can handle not just the cold, which is the top issue for all freezer labels, but also moisture and frost build-up, which can kill adhesive tack and, in some cases, simply ruin the materials the labels are printed on. Customer service and response time is also important when it comes to frozen yogurt and smoothie labels.We make our labels in-house, on our own high-tech, dependable press, so we can deliver them quickly, and since we specialize in freezer labels, you can count on us to know them inside and out: every requirement, every quirk, every weird effect cold and moisture can have on otherwise dependable materials.

Even more than most freezer labels, frozen yogurt and smoothie labelsare susceptible to moisture, which can turn poorly-made paper labels to mush, or cause labels with low tack to slough off. Frozen yogurt is typically sold like ice cream, in other open coolers or glass-doored refrigerators. Both tend to draw in outside air, with the moisture in it condensing into either water or, more likely, frost.

Again, low-tack “freezer labels” can’t handle this. Smoothies may have it worse. When they’re made and poured into cups with labels slapped on,condensation immediately begins as the ambient moisture collects on the cup and starts pouring down it in little streams. This can render the label unreadable, damage its structural integrity, or cause it to slide off if it’s poorly made.

The solution is clear: no matter how good the deal, check the specifications before you buy your frozen yogurt and smoothie labels — or any other freezer stickers, for that matter. If the provider can’t or won’t provide the paper and adhesive specs immediately, go elsewhere. That’s not something you’ll have to worry about with Etiquette Systems. We have nothing to hide or be ashamed of, so you’ll have your specs right away. We’ll even tell you if you don’t ask!

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