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Ever since humans have been humans, preserving food for the long term has been a problem. Oh, it was easy when you lived in the Arctic Circle, especially in the winter. You could just put it outside. Even in the fall and spring, it was cold enough to preserve your seal and caribou meat for days. And unless you could get up the courage to hunt a polar bear, and lived to tell the tale, that’s pretty much all you’d have to eat. There was a way you could “preserve” vegetables, but it was kind of secondhand. Since people were no good at finding vegetation, it involved letting caribou do it for you, then hunting the caribou and removing it from their stomachs during, er, processing. Then you could preserve it in the cold. Or eat it. No kidding: Eskimos used to love to eat the stomach contents of caribou, because they never got and vegetable foods.This may sound gross and wrong, it’s been 100% proven by anthropologists. After all, wouldn’t you get pretty tired of eating five or ten pounds of meat a day just to get your recommended daily allowance of essential vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin C?Who says you can’t learn anything useful by reading food blogs, eh?

Refrigeration was actually invented in the late 1800s, but it required a huge building for all the equipment necessary. At Fort Sill in Oklahoma (another fun fact), there’s a historic building about the size of a football field that was built back in the 1880s to make ice for the troops. It took all that space to make enough ice for a few glasses of ice tea each. Like computers, refrigerators and icemakers have seen an amazing amount of miniaturization over the years. And because freezers and refrigerators have become much smaller and in much more common use, so have freezer stickers and refrigerator labels for products as diverse as carrot sticks, ice cream, and pate de fois gras.

Freezer label scientists have spent a long time learning the best ways to make decent freezer stickers that will live up to both parts of their name. Freezer stickers with labels that deaden in the cold were weeded out pretty quickly, as were freezer labels made of papers or plastics that couldn’t handle the cold or inevitable moisture. Now freezer stickers worthy of the name (ours) can handle temperatures down to sixty degrees below zero, which you should never have to worry about exceeding, and they shrug off moisture with a sneer. Well, they would sneer if they weren’t inanimate glue, paper, and ink. But you get the idea.

Beware: you can still get so-called freezer stickers that really aren’t, and will likely fall off before you can say “Jack Frost.” To avoid that, contact us at We’ll get you the solid, dependable freezer stickers you need for a great price—and very quickly, too.

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