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We specialize in label solutions for pre-frozen food packaging,
cryogenic laboratory and outdoor industrial applications.
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Product labels are a multibillion-dollar industry, and freezer labels comprise a high percentage of that market share. When refrigeration became common a century ago, it transformed the American diet. No longer were we constrained by the need for daily delivery of dairy products, or the need to salt or dry meat to preserve it.

Deep freezing suddenly allowed easy long-term storage of products of all kinds. Frozen confections exploded into popularity. Freezer labels became not a luxury, but a necessity for food manufacturers and packers. It took a while for label-makers to discover adhesives and paper that could defy the moisture and cold and remain on frozen food packages, and then how to label frozen food containers, but they soon sorted it out.

At, we maintain the highest possible product quality, ensuring our freezer labels never deaden or crumble, no matter how cold and wet it gets. Add to that our dedication to customer service, and you've found the best place on the Web to buy freezer labels.

  • print your own freezer labels


    While we specialize in custom labels, we can also provide the ideal combinations of materials to let you print your own freezer labels.

  • custom-printed-freezer-labels


    We'll match your designs, logos, and text with the right freezer quality ink, adhesive, liner, and substrate.

  • industrial freezer labels


    Need rugged labels that can handle the demanding conditions of a cold warehouse or cryogenics lab? You've come to the right place.

  • food-grade-freezer-labels


    Our food grade labels exceed all government standards not just for freezer survival, but for non-toxic food safety as well.



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  • A distributor or wholesaler of perishable products?
  • An industrial kitchen?
  • A cryogenic or other low-temperature laboratory?
  • Packaging foods and/or beverages?
  • Blast-freezing items?
  • Storing items in cold warehouses or outdoors?
  • Long-term cold storage of most materials.
  • Perishable product distribution (especially food products).
  • Blast freezing.
  • Industrial kitchen needs.
  • Contract-packing (a.k.a. "co-packing") of perishable products.
  • Frozen food packaging (pre-frozen).
  • Cryogenic laboratories (including for liquid nitrogen exposure).
  • Cold warehousing (including pallet use).
  • Subzero outdoor winter use (wet, dry, and frosty).
  • Corrective labeling for cold environments.
  • 1447ETI1 / roll / preprinted / 54# semi-gloss paper / -20° F / -65° F to +200° F / food packaging, indoor, short term
  • 1771ETI4 / roll / preprinted / 60# semi-gloss paper / 0° F / -65° F to +160° F / food packaging, indoor, short term
  • 7668ETI1 / roll / preprinted / 2.6 mil white BOPP / -20° F / -65° F to +200° F / moisture resistant, indoor, short term
  • 7820ETI0 / roll / preprinted / 2.6 mil white BOPP / 0° F / -65° F to +200° F / moisture resistant, indoor, short term
  • 1583ETI7 / sheet / blank or preprinted / 48# matte uncoated paper / -20° F / -65° F to +200° F / DIY (laser/inkjet compatible)
  • 0760ETI5 / sheet / or preprinted / 60# cast (high) gloss / +40° F / -65° F to +160° F / DIY (laser compatible)
  • 7803ETI7 / sheet / blank or preprinted / 4 mil matte white vinyl / +10° F / -40° F to +300° F / moisture resistant/industrial-grade DIY (laser compatible)
  • 7669ETI3 / roll / blank or preprinted / 3 mil matte white polypro / +10° F / -40° F to +300° F / moisture resistant/industrial-grade DIY (TT compatible)
  • 1360ETI0 / roll / blank or preprinted / TT matte paper / -20° F / -65° F to +200° F / DIY (TT compatible)
  • 7739ETI2 / roll / blank or preprinted / 2.6 mil gloss white BOPP / -20° F / -94° F to +194° F / moisture resistant DIY (TT compatible)


At, our goal is to provide you with a complete freezer label shopping experience, where you can choose from a variety of label types and materials specially matched to your cold-environment needs.
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MADE FROM PLASTIC OR PAPER labels for dry and/or moist freezer environments

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ON ROLLS OR SHEETS freezer labels available in various formats

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BLANK OR PREPRINTED generic blank or custom printed freezer labels

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