Ice Cream LabelsOne thing ice cream labels have going for them is the fact that ice cream is so popular it rarely stays in the freezer for long, either at home or in the store. It’s not like it’ll expire unless it’s opened or the freezer dies, but who can resist that delicious creamy temptation for long? Even in winter, when you would assume no one would want to risk hypothermia, people love their ice cream, keeping the demand for ice cream labels high.

That doesn’t mean that you, as a maker of ice cream, should skimp on your ice cream labels. All it takes is one dip below a certain temperature range for many so-called freezer labels to lose their stickiness and peel right off. That can be a problem if someone can’t tell their dark chocolate ice cream from black licorice-flavored ice cream. You know, it’s one thing to mistake cherry ice cream for red licorice ice cream, but the difference between the tastes of chocolate and black licorice is pretty darn startling if you’re not expecting it! And don’t even get us started about weirder exotics like bean ice cream. Yes, that’s real, and it definitely needs the right ice cream labels. Slurping that down when you’re expecting chocolate is on par with thinking you’re chugging cream soda and getting a big shot of Vietnamese seahorse tonic. Yum!

As you can see, ice cream labels, like frozen yogurt and smoothie labels, and heck, ALL freezer sheet labels, are important. If a manufacturer doesn’t know how to label freezer food containers right,they can count on a few unexpected disasters like the above.

And then there’s the moisture issue. Who hasn’t had to scrape frost off an ice cream label? It’s not helpful if the adhesive gives up due to the frost, or the label gets turned to mush and the hopeful customer scrapes it away, destroying it in the process, only to remain mystified.

Stop asking yourself, “Where can I buy freezer labels for my ice cream?” No one does ice cream labels than us. Making tough, attractive freezer labels is our whole reason for existence, and you can count on us to get them to you quickly, because we make them in-house. Ask us for a quote right away, and we’ll get one back to you as soon as possible.