Freezer StickersBefore freezers came into common use, preserved food was boring. You could can it, drown it in salt, make it into jerky or sausage (not really effective for vegetables), dehydrate it, pot it in fat (a la potted meat), pickle it, pack it in barrels, and maybe a few other things. It helped the food stay edible for a while, especially for long trips, but either most of the flavor was gone by the time you ate it, or it tasted like the preservative, and/or it was hard as a rock. You could use dried cod to shingle a house, for example. You had to soak it in water for days to soften it enough to cook and to get the salt out.

Luckily, we now have refrigerators and freezers, and we know how to label freezer foods; and with such technology comes the need for refrigerator stickers and freezer stickers. Needless to say, not all freezer food labels are created equal. Some label materials are better than others when it comes to facing up to the cold and moisture; for example, coated papers and vinyl. Special hot-melt rubber and resin adhesives tend to be best for freezer stickers as well.

At, we make freezer stickers from three different kinds of freezer sheet labels, all guaranteed to maintain their tack and structural integrity right down to 60 degrees below zero. Nor will moisture stay these stickers from their appointed stickiness, as long as you apply them properly. Check the blog roll, and you’ll find a couple of handy instructional blogs showing you how to label frozen foods so that they stay labeled. It’s not hard, but you do have to follow the directions.

Our freezer labels can be made of plain paper, coated paper, or standard white vinyl, and we’ve expanded our inventory to dozens of shapes we can die-cut to your needs. If you’re looking for the best sticker labels, no need to look further. We’ve got them at, at a price you can afford—and we’ll print them here in-house before sending them to you quicker than you might expect. Let’s get started with your quotes page, and we’ll get back to you right away after you send it in.