Smoothie And Frozen Yogurt LabelsHave you been wracking your brains, asking yourself where to buy freezer labels for your frozen treats? Wrack no more. is, by definition and by name, the ideal choice. Nobody does freezer labels better, and that includes popsicle labels, ice cream labels, and yes, even frozen yogurt and smoothie labels. We know the special requirements of these types of labels, and know how to meet the challenges they represent.

So let’s talk about those challenges. First is the cold. Any good freezer label has to be made of a base material that doesn’t freeze or crack, but the important thing is the adhesive. Some adhesives lose their stickiness below a certain temperature. In industry terms, they deaden. Think of it as like you getting frostbite. Suddenly the freezer part of the freezer sticker no longer works, and off it goes. (Hopefully this will not happen to the part of you that got frostbite). This probably won’t happen to the smoothies part of your frozen yogurt and smoothie labels, because smoothies rarely get much below freezing and are stuck on containers that rarely go in the freezer. But! It could still happen with the portion you use for frozen yogurt. If those freezer labels aren’t rated to at least -60 degrees, who knows what could happen?

Or, if those frozen food labels aren’t up to par, the labels might get all mushy and unreadable. You know how often people open up frozen treats freezers. That invites the entry of outside moisture that cools down into condensation before turning to frost. Freezer food labels that aren’t up to par can just come apart.

In either case, do you really want to guess what flavor of frozen yogurt is in there when the freezer sticker does a Houdini and disappears? What if the containers with the missing labels are those experimental frog and lingonberry frozen yogurts that didn’t turn out so well, and you accidentally relabel them with the wrong self adhesive freezer labels and send them off into the world? Do you really want to face that PR nightmare? You probably won’t be able to blame such a freezer label debacle on terrorists or even the President.

So buy freezer labels from us. We’ve got just what you need, whether you need custom self adhesive freezer labels or plain write on freezer labels for your more experimental attempts. We’ll get them to you quickly, with a minimum of fuss!