Apply Freezer LabelsPrinting and applying freezer labels properly requires a little finesse. First off, you’ll need slightly different packaging labels depending on whether you’re labeling corrugated boxes, plastic, vacuum packaging, or glass. You also have to take into account the temperatures at which you’ll be applying those freezer labels.

Then there’s the moisture issue. Some freezer situations will produce more moisture than others, so you may need more durable freezer labels. For example, deli containers stored on ice will face much more moisture than deep-frozen foods, so they need special printed freezer labels that are more rugged in the face of frost, meltwater, and condensation.

Whether you need blank DIY freezer labels or custom printed freezer labels prepared by us, the third step is narrowing down the types of materials you need for your food grade labels. It’s a lot easier once you know the above info. Let us know, and we’ll send you a quote and some samples. Opt for our custom freezer labels, and you’ll soon be holding a proof of the design; and once you approve it, we’ll speed your entire order of freezer labels to you ASAP.

Finally, there’s applying the freezer labels. Like all our products, these are pressure-sensitive labels and can’t just be dropped on, thrown down, or slapped onto your packages. Luckily, most applicators (manual or machine) apply adequate pressure. Plus, moisture-resistant or not, our freezer labels work best on dry, frost-free surfaces. If necessary, wipe the packages down with terry cloth to remove frost or moisture before application. For best results, they’ll need a dwell time of 12-24 hours to cure.

Once that dwell-time is up, your Etiquette Systems freezer labels aren’t going to come off on their own. Time to ship that product and rake in the dough!

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