PopsicleWhen it’s so hot out that it feels like your brains are melting out of your ears, you naturally reach for a popsicle. Think about the masterpiece that is frozen juice! You’ve gotta feel sorry for kids a hundred years ago, when it took a room as big as warehouse just to make ice. Refrigeration, and all the advances that came with it, has got to be one of the most important advances of the modern age. Popsicle makers, we salute you.

And if you’ve got popsicles, you need to have popsicle labels galore! Otherwise, how will your customers be able to tell the difference between blue raspberry and just plain blueberry, not to mention strawberry, cherry, watermelon, and regular raspberry? Sure, the purple ones always taste purple and the green ones always taste green, but is that yellow one banana-flavored, lemony, or vanilla? If it weren’t for custom printed popsicle labels, folks might never know what they were getting—kind of like Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans from Harry Potter. Without full color popsicle labels, their lives would be more confusing than they already are, and they might get stuck with a flavor they don’t care for—Broccoli-Pomegranate Surprise, maybe. We know how you guys are always experimenting.

We actually like Broccoli-Pomegranate Surprise. Really.

There are other label makers who offer what they call durable popsicle labels and printed popsicle containers, but their efforts pale in comparison with ours. Not that we’re cocky or anything, but the fact is, at Etiquette Systems we’ve got years of hard-earned experience making freezer labels of all kinds right here in our shop, on our own press, unlike some of our competition. And not just popsicle labels and frozen food labels either; we also produce tough labels for all ranges of cold temperatures, even cryogenics for labs and medical purposes.

As a result, you can bet our custom popsicle labels are at the very top of our game, able to withstand both the moisture that comes with frozen food and beverage items, as well as the rigors of cold that can cause some freezer labels to just fall right off the products they’re supposed to label. Ours stay attached no matter how cold or wet it gets, and they stay readable, too. We know how moisture can smear some inks, so we don’t use them for popsicle labels and similar freezer labels.

And speaking of similar labels, if you don’t need custom popsicle labels just because you make ice cream or fudge bars, don’t assume we’re not your one-stop print shop. We can handle the labels for any frozen confections, not just popsicle labels. Yes, even gelato, yogurt, and red bean goop if those are your things. Somewhere, someone probably makes frozen hemp bars, and we can even do labels for those. Our freezer labels, printed popsicle containers, and the like don’t just identify, they can also include other information, such as warnings or ingredients lists. We can make your popsicle labels, for hemp, vanilla, or any other flavors, from a variety of appropriate materials, though relatively inexpensive paper labels with non-smear, cold-resistant inks usually suffice.

Give us a call or send us a message online describing your popsicle label needs, and we’ll get back to you ASAP so you can save summer with your frosty treats