Sausage LabelsAh, breakfast. What would a good, well-rounded breakfast be like without sausage, whether in rounds, as the filler in a breakfast burrito, or even as an ingredient of a good sausage biscuit? You could make do, but the meal options would be sadly lacking. The same goes for barbecue; you need sausage to balance out the chicken and other meats. For a food that was invented because it was difficult to store meat without heavy salting, spicing, and smoking, sausage has become an integral part of many cuisines. As a result, the need for good sausage labels has become acute.

Like so many foods, sausage can be bought or made in bulk and frozen in advance for later use, assuming you’ve got the right freezer labels to properly identify it. Unlike some foods, especially meats, many types of sausages just need good refrigerator labels rather than frozen food labels, because will keep fairly long-term without being frozen. It all depends on the rind and depth of smoking; some can hang around at room temperature, while others do fine in the fridge until use. Good examples of the latter are kielbasa and frankfurters, everyone’s favorite hot-dog stuffers. That said, we believe good refrigerator labels should also be good freezer stickers, so ours can handle both environments with aplomb. With refrigerators, condensation becomes a significant problem, since fridges tend to be opened repeatedly. When that’s the case, your self adhesive freezer labels need to stay adhesive even when moisture invades. Sure, franks are going to be obvious, but can you tell the Kosher variety from those that aren’t if you’ve lost the refrigerator stickers?

We can make sausage labels for a wide variety of needs. If you need them for your personal kitchen or for institutional uses in a cafeteria or industrial facility, we’ll be happy to provide do-it-yourself freezer stickers that you can print with frozen label templates on a laser or inkjet printer. We also have write on freezer stickers, and if you don’t already know how, we’ll be happy to show you how to label frozen food. (You can learn a lot by reading our blog). We can also custom print freezer sheet labels in their thousands if you’re a major producer and need attractive labeling that meets all the federal standards. Just tell us exactly what you need, and we’ll be happy to shoot you a quote.