Good morning Bogdan!
The labels arrived last night, and they are just beautiful and exactly what we wanted! Thank you so much, and please keep our info in the system–hoping my new little biz is going to take off! All best to you,
Susan J

You guys are pro. Got the labels, thank you.
We appreciate the extra effort. Sorry for the fire drill, we are still tiny and scrappy.

Thank you and glad to be able to use your resources. Just as a compliment to your service I have to say that you were one of the very few providers who was always prompt and thorough with your response. You would be surprised how difficult it is to find that level of courteous professionalism these days! Ill email you soon with the details you requested!
Enjoy your day,
Heather Hughes

You are the best pal! Thanks so much. It is a pleasure working with such a professional, who takes as much pride in their job as I.
Be back in touch ASAP!
Have a grand day!!
Deborah Waugh, Owner
Cosmic Pops

First I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service I have received from Etiquette Systems. Being taken care of by you has made me want to buy all of your products just to continue to feel like I am the only customer you have! It is good to see excellent customer service… very rare these days!
Carl Combs
Sable Systems International Inc.