Counterfeit Cosmetics: Caveat Seriously Emptor

cosmetic bottlesProud of those reasonably-priced, rare editions of Anastasia, Kiley, or NARS you’ve managed to snag? Look again. They’re fake.

Counterfeit cosmetics are a huge problem these days. Made in unregulated factories and distributed by organized crime, they fill a demand for brands many consumers can’t normally find. But they’re made with cheap, sometimes toxic materials. They can also cause severe allergic reactions due to nasty contaminants—including human waste.

Beware online sellers, and look closely before you buy! Counterfeit cosmetics typically have poorly-printed labels with misspellings and bad English. That would never happen with the real product.

Holding one? Drop it like it’s a rattlesnake. In terms of your health, it might as well be.

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