Food Safety Freezer Labels

foaming hand sanitizer labels

COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind these days, which is why food safety freezer labels are so important right now. These labels ensure no one has opened the product between packer and end-user, a must for these times of global pandemic. Furthermore, food safety freezer labels also protect cold grocery and restaurant items for delivery. While most food safety labels are intended for dry, warm, or room-temperature goods, there’s also a big market for freezer labels with the same qualities. Although there’s no indication so far that COVID-19 can be transferred on food packaging, it may be transmitted to your food if that food is tampered with. That’s one reason our food safety freezer labels are also tamper resistant labels that self-destruct when removed.  Meanwhile, our food safety freezer labels also have to handle coldness and moisture, which they do as a matter of course.

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